A 20-year-old woman was sentenced to nine months in prison suspended by the criminal court of Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) on Tuesday. She was convicted of accidentally killing her friend on July 27, 2022.

Cancellation of driver's licence

The tragedy occurred in the parking lot of Auchan in Dieppe. The two young women, who were studying at the same Parisian university, danced and filmed themselves while having fun. The victim climbed on the hood of the car, the defendant started and then gave an unfortunate stroke of the steering wheel, recalls Paris-Normandie which followed the hearing. Destabilized, her friend fell and hit her head against the curb. The emergency services could do nothing.

"These are two young women who are crazy. [...] At this pace, she should have made a roll-ball and got up, "defended the lawyer of the accused. But it was otherwise. The court cancelled the defendant's driver's licence and prohibited her from taking it again for six months. The conviction will not be recorded on his criminal record.

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