Subject to Western sanctions. Zazu stole the Chechen president's horse

Chechen President Ramadan Kadyrov says his horse, Zazu, has become the first victim of Western sanctions targeting him and his family since 2014.

"Since 2014, Zazu became the first victim of Western sanctions targeting me, my family members and my team, my purebred horse was forced to bear this first dirty blow to the "democratic" West, whose conscience helped him put a horse on the sanctions list," Kadyrov explained via Telegram.

Kadyrov added that his horse was stolen by an unknown group, wondering how this happened, and how police patrols allowed such a thing to happen, saying: "In Chechnya you can leave your car open at night, and nothing will happen, while in the Czech Republic you can steal a horse from a private stable, and the policemen will not find out about it until days later."

"I don't believe in coincidences, but I can say that those who stole Zazu are so stupid that they even thought of stealing a sanctioned horse, and Macron to the extent that the police could not find out about them," Kadyrov said.

Kadyrov expressed fear that Zazu's immunity would fall into the wrong hands and that he would be forced to suffer.

Czech media reported on Tuesday that Chechen President Ramadan Kadyrov's horse was stolen from a stable in the village of Krabšice in the Litomres region, west of the Czech Republic, and is estimated to cost $ 18,<>.

According to the Czech police, they received a report of the theft of a horse from one of the stables in the village of Krabśczy, and estimated that the theft occurred on the night of 3 / 4 of March, and confirmed that its crews are investigating the merits of the incident, and are conducting intensive searches for the thief.

Police said the 16-year-old had a distinct disorganized star on his forehead, as well as a white mark below the knee of his right hind leg.