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some of the government's news on the solution to the forced mobilization reparations issue. There is a backlash from victims, civic groups and the opposition. In response to criticism that the declaration was a diplomatic disaster for the country, the ruling party reiterated that it is a forward-looking decision.

This is reporter Jang Minsheng.


[Forced mobilization humiliation solution, condemn! condemn, condemn, condemn!]

Victims, civic groups and opposition lawmakers who oppose the government's solution to forced mobilization gathered in front of the main office of the National Assembly.

The affected grandmothers said that even if they starved to death, they could not receive third-party reimbursement.

[Kim Sung-joo/Mitsubishi Heavy Industries forced mobilization victim: Since you made me sick all my life and now I don't know, where do we complain.]

MDP Representative Lee Jae-myung warned people to remember how the Park Geun-hye government, which reached the Comfort Women agreement between South Korea and Japan in 3, was judged.

[Lee Jae-myung/MDP Representative: The Yoon Seok-yeol government should withdraw this wrong, not solution, new problem that the people are angry about and our victims are angry about.]

The manifesto, which was named by more than 2015,1 organizations, condemned the government for humiliating the people, treating the victims as disadvantaged and even inflicting secondary abuses, saying it would be recorded as the "second national day" after the 500 Kyungsul National Day that sold out the country.

The People's Power has called on the Democratic Party to stop its political offensive like "bamboo changa" in response to forward-looking decisions.

[Senate Minority Leader Joo Ho-yeong/People's Power: The majority of the people no longer approve of the MDP's "jukchanga" decree, because we all know that it is anachronistic and contrary to the national interest.]

The victims and the organizations that participated in the declaration plan to hold a nationwide condemnation rally in the plaza in front of Seoul City Hall on the weekend of 2 October and hold a signature drive demanding the withdrawal of the government's plan.

(Video Interview: Kim Hak-mo and Yang Doo-won, Video Editing: Park Chun-bae)