The European Commission has responded to the letter that the President of the Council of Ministers Giorgia Meloni had sent to the leaders of the Union immediately after the shipwreck of migrants on the beach of Cutro. In the letter, Meloni argued that "we need a single European refugee policy that provides support outside the EU borders for those affected by wars and disasters, and legal and safe humanitarian corridors for refugees that European states decide to welcome on their territory", also stressing that "legal channels of migration must be developed and strengthened, distinguished between those who have the right to international protection and those who intend to access for work reasons", and at the same time "fight, without hesitation, the criminal clans that fuel mass illegal immigration".


We have responded to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's letter," said Commission spokeswoman responsible for home affairs, Anitta Hipper, responding to a journalist during the daily press briefing in Brussels. "The content of the response recognizes what we have discussed many times here in the newsroom: that we need long-term sustainable solutions to these tragedies. And it is in line with the message that Commission President Ursula von der Leyen sent before last month's European Council, "on the need to redouble our efforts to approve the Pact on Immigration and Asylum", long blocked by governments in the EU Council. Hipper then mentioned "the need to act now with targeted operational measures in all areas: international protection, the fight against criminal networks of traffickers, returns for those who have no right to remain in the EU, and also the provision of safe pathways for legal immigration".