With the recent rise in North Korea of General Secretary Kim Jong Un's daughter, Kim Ju-ae, attention has also been drawn to whether Kim Jong Un has a son. The NIS says it continues to confirm intelligence that Kim Jong Un has an eldest son.

Ahn Jung-sik is a North Korea reporter.

General Secretary Kim Jong-un's daughter Ju-ae has been highlighted, raising questions about whether Kim Jong-un has a first son,
Joo-ae's brother.

Although the NIS said in a 2017 report to the National Assembly that Kim Jong-un had a son born in 2010 and a daughter, Ju-ae, who was born around the beginning of 2013, it was not clear why Kim Jong-un deliberately highlighted Ju-ae by setting aside his son.

The NIS said in a report to the National Assembly today that it has intelligence that Kim Jong-un's first child is his son and continues to confirm it.

Foreign intelligence agencies have reportedly shared intelligence that Kim Jong-un has a first son.

Kim Jong-un is deliberately concealing the existence of his first son, and the NIS drew a line under the observation that his first son had a problem.

[Yoo Sang-beom/Secretary of the National Assembly Information Committee on People's Power: There is no confirmation from separate intelligence that (Kim Jong-un's first son) has mental and physical problems.]

Joo-ae is homeschooled in Pyongyang and has hobbies of horseback riding, swimming, and skiing, which Kim Jong-un is particularly happy with, the NIS reported.

The possibility of North Korea launching an ICBM at a normal angle this spring has also been raised.

[Yoon Kun-yong/Secretary of the Democratic Party's National Assembly Information Committee: The possibility of a normal angle test firing of an ICBM with a reduced range cannot be ruled out.]

The NIS said that there are starvation in North Korea, but not enough to threaten the system.

(Video Interview: Yang Doo-won, Video Editing: Kim Ho-jin)