Nicknamed Whoogy's, Hugo is a young influencer specializing in cooking. He regularly shares his dishes on social networks and has even published his own cookbook, Manuel du cuisinier amateur, already in bookstores. Brut met him in Brussels, where he lives...

Don't see cooking as a chore

"My passion for cooking was born when I got my first apartment and I thought, 'Well, tonight I have to cook, otherwise I won't have anything to eat.' I didn't want to see it as a chore, so from the beginning, I was in 'let's check out original recipes to stop eating only chicken cutlets with cream' mode," he laughs.


Nearly a million people follow him on YouTube, Instagram and/or TikTok. "It's a hell of a responsibility, you think, 'Well, I have to keep delighting people,' in every sense of the word. So I propose easy recipes, accessible but original, with products that change a little, says Hugo, or "Whoogy's". The tone is rather light, I do not take my head when I make food. "

This article is produced by Brut and hosted by 20 Minutes.

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