A 31-year-old resident of Compiègne (Oise), Orlane Crauet, created a brand of women's swimwear Les Alcyonides Swimwear. Its models are made with nylon from fishing nets recovered from the sea. This specificity "reduces the environmental impact of each jersey by 90%. Me, I call it jerseys that clean the oceans, "explained the interested to Actu Oise this Sunday.

The range designed by Orlane Crauet includes nine one- and two-piece swimwear. La Compiégnoise designed the creations which are then made with fabric from Italy. The producer she works with uses a recycling method that he has deposited. He receives the fishing nets recovered by the divers of the Healthy Seas association.

The nylon is then transformed back into polymer after being purified and crushed. The beads thus obtained give in the end a material in the form of thread with which the fabric of the swimsuits is produced. "Nylon is infinitely recyclable. [...] We can create a whole circle of recovery, make circular fashion, "says the designer.

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