Hamdan bin Mohammed launches national campaign to introduce Emirati Genome Programme in Dubai


His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai, stressed that the wise leadership of the UAE pays special attention to the fields of scientific research within various fields within the strategic priorities of the process of developing vital sectors, especially the health and medical care sector, which is at the top of the country's priorities, while providing all elements of motivation for researchers and preparing an environment that supports various forms of scientific research, believing in its value as a basis for development based on strong support from proven scientific evidence.

This came during the launch of the National Campaign to introduce the Emirati Genome Program, organized by the Dubai Health Authority, to raise awareness of its strategic objectives, importance and how to register citizens in it, in cooperation with G42, in the presence of the Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, Awad Saghir Al Ketbi, and a number of officials from the medical sector in Dubai.

His Highness stressed that the Emirati Genome Program is one of the most important national scientific and health programs, which should join the efforts of institutions, bodies and individuals to make it a success, pointing to the importance of the program in strengthening health care systems for present and future generations, and consolidating the UAE's superiority and leadership in one of the most important life sciences, which is genetics, which the world relies on to reduce genetic diseases and other chronic diseases and epidemics.

Emirati Genome

The National Project on the Emirati Genome aims to develop a comprehensive genetic map of UAE nationals to accelerate the development of healthcare, preventive and specialized solutions, using the latest genetic sequencing and artificial intelligence technologies, and is the latest program of its kind in the region, and establishes the UAE's position as a global hub for research and innovation in the field of genomics and scientific discovery.

The program works according to a high-level system of smart technologies and solutions, and ethical and administrative standards to ensure the protection of the data and privacy of participants in the program, which are encrypted as soon as the registration process is completed.

The Emirati Genome Program also aims to analyze the whole genome of UAE nationals, benefit from the results to provide more distinguished health care, and give researchers, doctors and scientists the opportunity to identify genetic pathogens and the quality of genetic mutations, predict susceptibility to some diseases and study them more deeply in preparation for developing the necessary treatment and preventive plans.