A Chinese man asks his friends for help to collect the costs of asking for his bride's hand

A Chinese man asked his friends to help with the costs of asking for his bride's hand and spent a lot of money and asked them to help with all these expenses.

As a result, he became the subject of intense criticism after his story went viral online.

The story surfaced online after his fiancée's best friend, an unknown woman, from eastern China's Jizhan province, posted a video message expressing anger at the groom's illogical demand when he asked friends who helped him ask for his bride's hand to pay him 640 yuan ($92) each to cover the costs he paid, according to the South China Post.

A video report showed a conversation with the WeChat group set up by the man in order to plan to ask for his bride's hand. The man in Group Chat said: "Yesterday you worked hard with me. And these costs that I paid, let's share them."

The conversation did not specify the number of friends in the group. But she revealed that the man asked friends to pay each of them 640 yuan.

The friends were confused at first, as they did not expect to be asked to pay for the request for his bride's hand.

The woman, who named the man and exposed the groom, said he asked her to prepare for his bride's hand at the end of last year and help choose a wedding ring for his bride.

The woman was thrilled to participate because she would be taking part in asking for her best friend's hand and advised him to use drones at the event for his show, and the man agreed, renting 300 drones, which cost him 70,10 yuan or $<>,<>.

The event of asking for the bride's hand went smoothly and everyone was happy until his request to collect money came.

"It's really ridiculous," the woman said, adding that she was helping and that she had taken time off from her job to do so.

He didn't say a word of thank you. But she felt angry when the groom told her that the idea of the drone had cost a lot of money.

Chinese social media users have sharply criticized the man's demand to collect money from his friends.

One said: "This guy is very stingy, cheap. God helped his fiancée to know the truth about him before marriage," and another said, "Do you share your wife, man?"

Stories about the marriage drama are the model of the story circulating on Chinese social media.

Last month, a groom from Yunnan province was the focus of a story that went viral after a large number of his ex-girlfriends showed up at his wedding to protest his mistreatment of them and threatened to ruin his wedding.