Selling at wholesale prices, spices and traditional clothes top the list of exhibits

«Dubai Municipality» gathers veteran traders of citizens in «Souk Ramadan»

  • Mansour Al Rais: "Dubai Municipality has provided everything necessary to attract visitors and tourists in the Emirate of Dubai, whether citizens or residents."

  • Souq Ramadan is one of the entertainment events that reflect the heritage, customs and authenticity of the Emirate of Dubai. Cinematographer: Mostafa Ghasemi


The "Souq Ramadan" initiative, launched by Dubai Municipality and launched yesterday, has witnessed a great turnout by citizens and residents looking for Ramadan goods and products of a heritage nature, and the event will continue until March 15, starting from 10 am to <> pm, in celebration of the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Mansour Abdul Noor Al Rais, Acting Director of the Urban Heritage and Antiquities Department at Dubai Municipality, told Emirates Today that Dubai Municipality has sought, through the establishment of the "Ramadan Market", to gather old national merchants, in one place, on the old municipality street, in addition to the large market in Deira, which is the first and oldest market in the emirate, to enable them to display their products at competitive prices, especially with the approach of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Al Rayes stressed that the municipality was keen to provide exhibition platforms and places for participants free of charge, while providing all facilities and incentives that encourage them to participate and display their products that appeal to the local shopper, and the event also aims to promote the content of traditional markets and their products, preserve the heritage and authenticity of old customs of preparing for the holy month, in addition to supporting investors in the markets and encouraging demand for them.

He said: «The Ramadan market is one of the entertainment events, which reflect the heritage, customs and originality of the Emirate of Dubai, and its preparations and preparations to receive the blessed month of Ramadan, as the idea of the market is similar to the old markets in the emirate, which was a destination for people to provide their personal and household needs and prepare for Ramadan».

He added: «The municipality was keen to hold an entertainment event to celebrate the advent of the blessed month, attracting various members of society, including citizens, residents and tourists, to visit the market, learn about a wide range of the most prominent supplies, gifts, clothes, and food products displayed in it, and enjoy a unique shopping experience, in addition to the best offers and events throughout the 10 days of the market».

The event includes a mini market in addition to the heritage market, consisting of 20 mini market stalls, including 15 kiosks dedicated to shops in the municipal street market, and five kiosks to support local citizens' projects, where it will contain all the requirements for Ramadan preparations, and "Haq Al-Layla", in addition to many public and recreational services, food and popular food carts, and live shows for children between 4 and 8 pm.

He said that Dubai Municipality supported shop owners and merchants present at this 10-day event, and provided everything necessary to attract visitors and tourists in the Emirate of Dubai, whether citizens or residents.

Citizen traders told Emirates Today that the municipality's initiative enabled them to display their products and goods easily, which contributes significantly to the recovery and popularity of citizens' trade, especially since the display places were provided to them by the municipality for free, as well as providing an attractive display environment for shoppers of different nationalities, appreciating the municipality's great role in supporting national commercial activities.

Shoppers interviewed by Emirates Today at the market's headquarters praised the initiative, which greatly helped in providing a large number of diverse products in one place, in an environment suitable for families, as the municipality provided an enjoyable Ramadan heritage atmosphere, which made visiting the market an exceptional experience, and made shopping fun and exciting.