Recently, the mutilated body of a woman was found in a park in Paris, France, and it was revealed that the perpetrator was her husband, who was first reported missing.

He admitted the charges during the investigation and was brought to trial.

According to local media such as the French daily Le Parisien and BFMTV on the 27th (local time), Youssef Matou (50) was arrested and charged with murder on the 25th.

Youssef is accused of killing his wife at his Montreuil home outside Paris on the evening of 30 last month, mutilating her body and dumping it in a park in a plastic bag.

It was investigated that he took a bus to a park 6~7km away from his home with an envelope containing the corpse in a wheeled basket used mainly for shopping, and then dumped the body in the park of Buttes Chaumont and the nearby abandoned railway tracks.

To avoid suspicion, Youssef posted on his social media account that his wife had disappeared from the 31st, the day after the crime, and on the 3rd, he even reported her missing to the police, saying, "My wife has lost contact since she left home on the 31st of last month."

Ten days later, on the 13th, an employee found some of the bodies in the Parc de Buttes Chaumont in Paris, prompting the police to investigate and close the park to find the remains.

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▲ Press footage under investigation after the temporary closure of the park

Youssef reportedly confessed during a police investigation that he "got angry while arguing with his wife and accidentally committed the crime," but stated that he "never intended to kill in the first place."

As for why he mutilated his wife's body and abandoned it in the Parc de Buttes Chaumont, he reportedly stated to the effect that "she wanted to end her life in one of the most beautiful parks in Paris."

Youssef, meanwhile, married his wife 26 years ago and reportedly has three children.

(Photo=BFMTV press clipping)