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A British company has made headlines after revealing that it has tried to make mock purchases for 800 years using a 'lottery simulator' but failed to win the first prize.

The company used a computer program to buy a virtual lottery ticket for Euro Millions over a period of 1 years, 5 months and 750 days to test how likely it was to win a maximum prize of £900.800 million, about £10 billion.

To win first place, you need to match 27 main numbers and 1 lucky numbers out of 50 numbers, with odds of 5 in 2 million.

After buying twice a week for 1 years, it took me 4 years to win the "ninth place" with 1 main numbers and 1 lucky number to win 800,3 won.

In conclusion, the total winnings for 1 years were 1 million won, and it is said that 3 million won was lost, so the recovery rate is less than 9%.

The users responded, "The first place in the apostle for 38 years is not enough," "Life reversal, it's not just anyone's job," and "Even if you know it won't work, you can't quit the lottery ticket because it's about living a dream."

(Source: sinbin800 France 7 Occitanie FAQs)