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  • Ukraine claims to have "defeated the winter terror", marked by intense Russian bombing that has plunged millions of people into the cold. "We have managed to provide Ukraine with energy and heating," said Volodymyr Zelensky.
  • The winter was marked by a long series of Russian strikes using explosive missiles and drones, which hit energy sites, regularly causing massive cuts in electricity, heating and running water. The Russian bombing had forced the national operator Ukrenergo to set up supplies intermittently.
  • The Russian military said it had on Wednesday repelled a "massive" drone attack on Crimea, a territory that Russia annexed in 2014 and that it uses as a rear base and port for its fleet, targeted several times since the beginning of the war. The day before, several Russian regions, including for the first time that of Moscow, had been targeted by Ukrainian drones.



06:40: Zaporozhye attacked again

Last night, a missile hit the southeastern Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye, a region regularly hit by Russian strikes. Two people died in the attack, according to city city secretary Anatoly Kurtev, who said on his Telegram channel that civilians are still trapped under the rubble of a building.

06:35: Good news from Ukrenergo

The national operator Ukrenergo confirmed on Wednesday that the Ukrainian electricity system had not been damaged for 18 days and that no blackout was planned.

06h20 : Welcome to this new Live

Hello everyone. As every day, the editorial staff of 20 Minutes is mobilized to give you the latest information on the conflict. Yesterday, Ukraine congratulated itself on having "defeated the winter terror", marked by intense Russian bombing that plunged millions of people into the cold. "Winter is over. It was very difficult, every Ukrainian felt it," declared Volodymyr Zelensky in the evening. "But we managed to provide Ukraine with energy and heating."

Earlier in the day, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy Dmytro Kuleba had estimated that the European Union had "also won" because it "did not freeze without Russian gas", targeted by sanctions. Russia, which was one of Europe's main suppliers, had relayed catastrophic predictions in the event of a supply cut.

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