Chinese video-sharing platform TikTok has announced that it will limit youth usage time to one hour per day. It is an analysis that the West, including the United States, is in danger of expulsion, and has come up with a high-stakes policy.

Kim Jong-won is a correspondent in New York.


[Middle school student: (Have you ever used TikTok?) Yes, everyone uses it.]

[High school student: I write a lot, and when I get home from school, I scroll for hours.]

More than 1 million people use TikTok in the United States, especially teenagers.

TikTok has put in place strong youth protections that limit users under the age of 1 to one hour per day.

TikTok said that if you download and run the app like this, the screen restriction function will be automatically implemented as a basic function.

TikTok is the first social media site to introduce a time limit for young people.

When the West, including the United States, expelled the United States on the grounds that it threatened the security of collecting personal information, it threw a superpower to defeat it.

The U.S., Canada, and Japan have decided to remove TikTok from public government devices, and the European Parliament has banned employees from using the TikTok app.

The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a bill giving the president the power to ban TikTok in the United States.

[Luke Francina/TikTok influencer: I have 10.18 million followers right now, and losing my connection to them overnight would be really hard for me.]

TikTok has said it will limit youth time, but it may turn off this feature, which raises questions about its effectiveness.

[Carlson/High School Student: I don't think people are going to use the 'screen timeout' feature a lot, they won't turn it on.]

Foreign media have pointed out that TikTok seems to need further action to get out of the crisis.

(Video Interview: Lee Sang-wook, Video Editing: Kim Jin-won)