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  • Some 3,000 people rallied in Paris on Saturday in support of Ukraine, a day after protests in France and Europe to mark the first anniversary of Russia's invasion of the country. Rallies also took place in other major cities in regions such as Bordeaux (300 people), Montpellier (a hundred) or Rennes (250).
  • China has called on Moscow and Kiev to hold peace talks and rejected any use of nuclear weapons, in a document released Friday. Volodymyr Zelensky deemed it "necessary" to "work" with Beijing and said he planned an upcoming meeting with his Chinese counterpart. The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, for his part, considered that the Chinese document was "not a peace plan".
  • Russia accused the West of having "destabilized" the G20 Finance summit in India by trying to "blackmail" adopt a joint communiqué on Ukraine, which did not happen because of differences.



08h47 : We rewind

You didn't have time to read our previous Live on the conflict? No problem, here it is:

08:35: New EU sanctions against Wagner

The EU on Saturday announced new sanctions against Russia's Wagner Group for its "human rights violations" in the Central African Republic, Sudan and Mali.

Eleven individuals and seven entities linked to the paramilitary group have been added to the bloc's list on assets freeze and travel ban. The Wagner Group itself – which is actively fighting with the Russian army in Ukraine – has already been sanctioned by the European Union in 2021.

08h20 : Welcome to this new Live

Hello everyone. As every day, the editorial staff of 20 Minutes is mobilized to give you all the information on the conflict. One year after the start of the war, on February 24, 2022, the question of alliances vis-à-vis Kiev or Moscow continues to divide at international summits. G20 finance ministers and central bankers ended meetings in India on Saturday without reaching a joint statement, due to differences with China and Russia over the war in Ukraine. This blockage is far from being a first. In July 2022, at previous meetings of the G20 Finance under the Indonesian presidency, no joint communiqué could be drafted either.

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