Kim Ju-ae, the daughter of
North Korean General Secretary Kim Jong-un, appeared as the protagonist at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new city, this time and took the center position. Her younger sister, Kim Ji-won, who had been cornered at every major event, disappeared from the screen.

Youngjae Hong is a reporter.

Kim Ju-ae appears on the podium holding the hand of General Secretary
Kim Jong-un.

Yesterday, he and his father appeared at the groundbreaking ceremony for a new city to build 4,100 housing units in the Seopo district north of Pyongyang.

As Kim Jong-un began his speech, Joo-ae occupied the right-hand podium, the very center, where the cadres were leading.

When I opened my first shovel, I stood right to General Secretary Kim Jong-un.

[Korea Central Television: Open the first shovel of construction with the one you love the most, and ask the youth to become the victors of the creator of the great hun at the forefront of the construction of the capital....]

The Seopo district project involved 10,41 young people, not the military, and North Korea touted that they participated in the construction voluntarily.

Kim Jong-un mentioned young people <> times in his encouraging speech, expressing his concern for them.

Kim Joo-ae made her presence felt by her father's side from the moment Kim pressed the blasting button until the very end as he left the venue.

[Hong Min/Director of North Korea Research at the Institute for National Unification: It has the meaning of ensuring the safety of future generations. The fact that we will unite and govern a new generation in the future seems to have a picture of a big umbrella...]

Workers' Party Deputy Chairman Kim Yong-won, who had been cornered at a major event recently, could not be found this time.

As Kim Joo-ae expands his activities to include sports and economic events as well as military events, the controversy surrounding the succession plan is likely to continue.

(Video Editor: Oh No-young, CG: Jo Su-in)