In connection with the murder of a female model and influencer in Hong Kong who was found with a badly mutilated body after being murdered, the model's ex-husband has been arrested while on the run and three others, including her parents and brother, have been put on trial.

According to Hong Kong media including The Standard, Hong Kong police have charged three members of his former in-laws with the murder of model and influencer Abby Choi, 20.

Police arrested three people, including Choi's father, mother, and brother, on Jan. 3 on suspicion of murdering Choi and mutilating and abandoning her body.

She then arrested her ex-husband, Mr. Kwong, who was trying to get out of Hong Kong in a speedboat the day before.

He had HK$28 million worth of our money at the time, 3 million of our money.

Police said they charged Mr. Kwong's father and brother with the murder of Choi and his mother with obstructing the investigation.

An investigation is still underway into her ex-husband, Mr. Kwong.

Police said some of Choi's body, who went missing on Jan. 24, was recently found in a house, where the body was mutilated.

Police said a mutilated chainsaw, meat grinder, a hammer, two pots containing human tissue, face coverings and Choi's handbag were found in the house.

He also revealed that the woman's legs had come out of the refrigerator and that other parts of Choi's body were still being searched.

"We believe the victim and her ex-husband's family had a large financial quarrel," police said, adding that the house where some of the bodies were found had recently been rented and apparently rented for the purpose of mutilating the body, given that it was unfurnished.

Choy is an influencer who has recently garnered attention from the world fashion world by decorating the cover of the Internet edition of the French fashion magazine L'Officiel, and has gained a considerable number of fans through his active social media (SNS) activities.

(Photo=Abby Choy Instagram capture, Yonhap News)