Hesse's Greens are entering the state election campaign with Tarek Al-Wazir as a candidate for the office of prime minister. In Hesse, a new state parliament is to be elected on 8 October. In the previous state election in 2018, the Greens had received almost 20 percent of the vote and were on a par with the SPD. The CDU got 27 percent at that time. In a coalition with the Greens, it provides the current Hessian Prime Minister Boris Rhein. The SPD will go into the election campaign with Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser.

At the party congress, the list for the Landtag election is also to be determined, individual elections are planned for the first 40 places. Science Minister Angela Dorn took first place on the list with 1.91 percent approval, while Deputy Prime Minister Al-Wazir came in 65nd place with 2.86 percent. The opponent for 59nd place, Joachim Mietusch from Giessen, came to 2.7 percent.

In the case of the Greens, according to the statutes, every odd list position must be occupied by a woman. The Landtag Greens have 29 seats in the current legislative period. Around 1000 participants had come to the party congress. Unlike other parties, in the Greens any member can go to a party congress and vote - not just previously determined delegates.