• In custody since Wednesday, eight individuals will be brought this Friday and tried before the criminal court of Bordeaux on March 23 after insults and racist violence on the night of June 24 to 25, in the Saint-Michel district.
  • Two of them are already summoned before the criminal court on April 7 for homophobic insults and violence committed during the Pride March.
  • In the absence of a complaint, it was the Bordeaux Public Prosecutor's Office that had opened an investigation in this case, which had caused a certain stir "in order to avoid the spread of erroneous and partial information".

Since Wednesday morning, eight people, presented by the Bordeaux prosecutor's office as "political activists of the ultra-right", were in custody. They were arrested after the violence and racist insults that had taken place on the night of 24 to 25 June, in the Saint-Michel district. The police had not been able to make arrests that night because no one was present at the alleged scene when he arrived. But videos had been taken by residents shocked by the events. In one of them, a group of about ten people attack passers-by and residents, and one of them imitates the cries of a monkey.

The defendants "are in the process of being referred to the prosecutor's office (this Friday) for a summons by minutes with placement under judicial control to appear on March 23, before the criminal court," says 20 Minutes the Bordeaux prosecutor's office.

Two of them already prosecuted after violence at the pride march

The eight individuals are prosecuted for "violence aggravated by three circumstances (in assembly, with weapon, because of race) resulting in an ITT of less than eight days, violence in assembly without disability and sexist insult in assembly," adds the Prosecutor's Office. Two of them are already summoned before the criminal court on April 7 for acts committed during the Pride March. One will be tried for "public insult because of sexual orientation" and the other for "violence with a weapon by destination that did not result in incapacity for work".

The association SOS racisme Gironde had described the xenophobic attacks that occurred this summer in Saint Michel, "ratonnade", and blamed the small group of extreme right "Bordeaux Nationaliste". The latter disputed the charges against this "brawl", in another statement dated July 9. Its members explained having "defended the victims of an attack" then having "themselves been attacked" and having "defended themselves", recalls AFP.

In the absence of a complaint, the prosecutor's office then decided to open an investigation, "in order to avoid the spread of erroneous and partial information". On February 1, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced the dissolution of the Bordeaux Nationalist group, which "promotes a xenophobic ideology, calls for hatred and violence." A dissolution requested by several local elected officials, including the mayor of Bordeaux Pierre Hurmic.

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