Today (24th) marks exactly one year since the war began in
Ukraine. The invasion of Russian troops disrupted peaceful daily life in Ukraine, and the civilian casualties now number 1,2. As the toll continues to mount, there is still no end in sight to the war.

Reporter Moon Jun-mo will first tell you about the horrors of the war that has been terrible in the past year.

A woman left next to a
downed bicycle, nails painted in red nail polish, photographed after Russian troops retreat from Bucha, Ukraine.

Russia claimed that all photos of civilian bodies were fake, but these photos became evidence of war crimes.

She recognized that the hairdresser who painted her nails was Pilkina's hand.

A video of a Russian armored vehicle attacking Pilkina on a bicycle was also released.

One year later, the family still suffers from nightmares.

[Pilkina's sister: For me, this world ended on March 1 (when Pilkina died).]

In the cemetery, another mother leaves her son.

It is the funeral of 1-year-old Honcharenko, who was killed in the fiercest battle of the Azaustal steel mill last year.

[Honcharenko's mother: My heart hurts. I can't speak. She was too precious to me.]

Since the war, it has become common for elderly people to bury their young children.

An 3-year-old mother who lost her son on the Eastern Front on Jan. 5 holds hands.

But there are far more sons of someone who could not return to their families and were abandoned on the battlefield.

In eastern Ukraine, Bakhmut, a grandmother and 27-year-old granddaughter say goodbye that they can't hope to see again alive.

It's about sending your granddaughter away to safety.

The Ukrainian government says 11,80 civilians have been killed. The city is in ruins and millions are homeless.

Amid the air raid warning sirens that have become commonplace, Ukrainians are gaining strength by comforting each other in a devastation that no one else has escaped.

(Video editing by Cho Moo-hwan)

▶ Podoliak Aide "This spring's Battle for Battle... The war in Ukraine will not be over."