Starbucks innovates in Italy. The brand offers from this week drinks based on olive oil especially in Milan from this Wednesday. It's not just a flavor, CNN warns. Starbucks says in a statement that each of these three drinks contains at least one spoon of olive oil.

The series of these drinks is called Oleato. There's the Oleato latte with oat milk, the frozen espresso with the same ingredients, and a cold brew made with a version of Starbucks' sweet milk foam infused with two servings of olive oil. It takes 120 extra calories per cup compared to traditional recipes. In some Italian outlets, customers even have extra olive oil available to enhance their drink according to their taste.

Available soon in several countries

Starbucks plans to offer its new beverages this spring in California and later throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Japan. However, no release date has been indicated for the France. "In more than 40 years, I can't remember a time when I've been more excited, more excited," said Howard Schultz, the company's largest shareholder and former CEO. Oleato "will transform the coffee industry," he said.

The idea for these products comes from Howard Schultz. He tested olive oil coffee during a visit to olive oil producer Tommaso Asaro. Starbucks then worked on recipes and 12 blending options were offered by the company's teams. Only three were selected and can now be tested by customers in Italy.

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