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The video on social media

The fearsome Alligator rifle shoots in the snow: video of a Ukrainian sniper on the Eastern Front

The "dry" noise of the shot in silence: in the images published by the ZSU - the armed forces of Kiev - the weapon wrapped in a white cloth, to protect it from the frost that grips Ukraine, but also to camouflage it with the white of the ground


A dry shot from the long rifle, wrapped in a white cloth, to better camouflage it in the snowy landscape.
The video from Ukrainian social media shows the rifle used by snipers since the beginning of the conflict with Russia.
It is - so in the post - the fearsome "Alligator", which can fire a 14.5 mm bullet over enormous distances,
up - so in the manufacturer's card - "four miles away".

The "Snipex Alligator" Conceived precisely to be used by snipers in war (Snipex, similar to the word "Sniper", ie "sniper" in English), according to the producers hits the target arriving at its destination with "
almost 12 tons of energy, a force powerful enough to erase even an armor".

The weapon, used against Russian troops and helicopters, can penetrate the protection of a vehicle, more than an inch thick, when used at close range. The rifle came into use with the Ukrainian army only in 2021, and British special forces would teach recruits how to use the weapon in combat.
Kiev troops are using the weapon mainly to target enemy soldiers - graduates of the Russian army - and light armored vehicles, as well as communication equipment and ammunition and fuel warehouses.