His family announced Thursday that they had filed a complaint. This Monday, a judicial investigation against X for manslaughter was opened after the death of Daniel Perrette, 38, occurred less than 48 hours after his release from the emergency room.

As a reminder, on January 21, the thirty-year-old presented himself in the night to the emergency room of the Hospital Group of the Mulhouse and South Alsace region (GHRMSA) complaining of severe abdominal pain. "He was given Tramadol (a painkiller) and put on a morphine drip," said one of his sisters, Priscilla Bein, who spoke to him by phone.

"He was discharged around 13 p.m., when he was asking to be hospitalized, (with) a letter to deliver to his doctor, in which it is written that he had hyperalgia in the abdomen and evoked the probable evolution of acute pancreatitis," she said. According to her, her brother was not getting better, he called the emergency room three times on Saturday and an operator advised him to see his doctor.

Found dead at the foot of his bed

When one of his sisters picked him up on Monday morning to accompany him to the doctor, no one answered. Firefighters intervened and found him dead at the foot of his bed. According to the first results of the autopsy, he died as a result of a tear in the duodenum (part of the small intestine). "I'm not a doctor, but I don't understand why he wasn't given a CT scan, an ultrasound, why he was left alone when he wasn't well and he said so," his sister said.

The GHRMSA said in a statement "to provide all its support to the family of the deceased and is at his disposal for any medical clarification".

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