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Another 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck the border between Turkiyeh and Syria. At least eight people were killed and more than 8 injured as more buildings collapsed.

Reporter Kim Young-ah reports.

The ground shakes violently in the

Ambulances are rushing with sirens blaring.

At around 600:20 p.m. local time on the 5th, a magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck southeastern Turkiyeh and northwestern Syria's border.

This was followed by 3 aftershocks, including a magnitude of 5.8.

The earthquake killed three people and injured more than 25 others in Turkiye.

In Turkiye Antakya, some citizens are being buried as buildings collapse and rescue operations are underway.

[Aslan Garakoglu/Resident: It felt like the ground was being torn apart. The ground shook, it was really scary. We thought the ground was going to be torn apart.]

Five people were reportedly killed and more than 3 wounded in Syria.

The Syrian rebel-held local civilian rescue group The White Helmets said some buildings had collapsed, but no additional ones were buried.

The Turkiye Disaster Management Agency said sea levels could rise by up to 200 cm and urged residents to stay away from the coast.

With more than 5,470 aftershocks since the first quake, the death toll in Turkiye and Syria has surpassed 50,6.

Rescue operations have now virtually ended in most areas, and no further survivors have been heard for days.