Ras Al Khaimah Court obliges him to pay 30,<> dirhams to the victim

A scandalous act via «Snapchat» leads an elderly to the court

The lawsuit papers stated that the defendant offended the plaintiff's modesty. Archival

An elderly (Gulf) committed a scandalous act through the application «Snapchat», with a woman (Arab) by sending video scenes from his account to her account to urge her to commit the sin, to be referred to the Public Prosecution, including the Ras Al Khaimah Misdemeanor Court, which sentenced him to three months in prison and fined 5000 dirhams with a three-year suspended sentence, and by referring the civil lawsuit to the competent court, it ruled 30 thousand dirhams as compensation Jaber for moral damages.

In detail, according to the lawsuit papers, the plaintiff filed a report to the police station against the defendant stating that he sent a scratching clip of her via Snapchat intending to harass her, and the defendant admitted what was attributed to him in the Public Prosecution's investigations.

In her lawsuit, the plaintiff said that the shameful act committed by the defendant caused her moral and psychological damage that made her in a state of depression and sadness for what happened to her from a man at this age, as he was supposed to be tactful in dealing and enjoying good morals and behavior, but it was the opposite, which made her in a horror of shock from his defective behavior and caused her a state of oppression and that any compensation for her will not compensate for the insult she felt to her dignity and honor. And her offer, which the defendant tried to violate because he is supposed to consider himself like her father out of respect for the age difference, and demanded that he pay her 50,<> dirhams as compensation for moral, psychological and moral damages to her dignity and honor and oblige him to pay fees, expenses and attorney's fees, and for his part, the defendant's attorney submitted a memorandum in which he demanded the dismissal of the lawsuit.

According to the reasoning of the ruling of the Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court, the final criminal judgment has authority and the court adheres to it as a decision in the common issue between the criminal and civil lawsuits, from the defendant's mistake of harassing the victim, as well as his admission of what was attributed to him in the investigations of the Public Prosecution, and therefore the elements of tort liability were available from his fault and for which he was convicted. She added that it remains for the court to exercise its discretion to compensate the plaintiff for the damage suffered by the plaintiff as a result of the harmful act committed by the defendant against her, and pointed out that it is indisputable that the plaintiff suffered moral damage by the incident of harassing her and sending her a pornographic clip to urge her to commit the sin, which would generate pain in her dignity and fear for her reputation and the reputation of her family.

She explained that the court believes that the moral damage suffered by the plaintiff is fixed because of what the defendant committed and then the damage was achieved, and the court believes that 30,<> dirhams is Jaber's compensation for moral damages, which it orders, in addition to obliging him to pay expenses and attorney's fees.

The plaintiff filed a complaint against the defendant for sending her a pornographic clip with the intention of harassing her.