In Europe, we have been able to see for some years what can be hidden behind the harmless-sounding term "judicial reform". However, not even the rulers in Hungary and Poland have gone as far as the new Israeli government wants to push its "reform". They are content to fill the Supreme Courts with "their" judges and thus establish political conformity.

Israel's government, however, wants to decide that the separation of powers will be effectively abolished. The Supreme Court could therefore reject previously passed laws, but the parliament could overturn this decision with an absolute majority.

Netanyahu would benefit personally

Even the American ambassador to Israel has now warned against realizing these plans. Washington is not suspected of being an enemy of Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would do well to impose at least a little more restraint on himself and his radical partners. But what can one expect from a head of government who could personally benefit from the planned change in the law?

True, many thousands of protests are stirring on the streets. But Netanyahu's coalition, out of ideological blindness, is jeopardizing Israel's unique selling point in the region, democracy. This should worry all friends of the country.