• A Toulouse start-up has created an application that offers short-lived pharmaceutical products, to avoid throwing them away.
  • These products are sold by pharmacies that are partners of the Kéabot application at reduced prices.
  • This weekend, Kéabot opens an ephemeral store in Toulouse to test the direct sale of these products doomed until now to be destroyed.

"It's a bit like the parapharmacy's too good to go," says Arnaud Mallinger. This pharmacist from Toulouse created several years ago the Kéabot application which offers cosmetics, hygiene or food supplements whose expiry date is looming in the short term.

"These products are often sent back to the manufacturing laboratories, which decide to throw them away or reclaim them. It has always disgusted me to see this, "says the founder of the start-up. It is from this observation that the idea of fighting against the waste of these products by selling them to consumers ready to buy them back at lower prices was born.

A pop-up store this weekend

Thanks to the partnerships of the 120 pharmacies in France, cosmetics of all brands are put online. Once geolocated, the buyer can see what pharmacies near him offer and thus recover his anticolic cream or bottles 30 to 70% cheaper.

"This concerns products with short dates, but also those that may have damaged packaging or are overstocked. We do not own it, we are an intermediary. We chose the click & collect system because if we used delivery it would make no ecological sense," insists Arnaud Mallinger who decided to test this Saturday the live sale this Saturday in a pop-up installed rue Kennedy, in Toulouse.

Customers will have the choice between 750 products in this store which will be a test for the founder of Kéatbot who hopes to eventually increase the number of partner pharmacies to continue the development of his anti-waste application and thus reduce the deposit of waste, especially since the anti-waste law for a circular economy now provides for "the prohibition of unsold non-food".

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