The monument is in the name of the Pharaohs in Egypt. Completely fake underground cemetery

Egyptian authorities revealed yesterday the existence of a "complete fake pharaonic tomb" erected by underground thieves in Beni Suef with the aim of defrauding and selling it to antiquities smugglers under the illusion that it is real, according to media statements by the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mustafa Waziri.

Waziri continued that «he went to the place of the incident accompanied by the leaders of the Supreme Council of Antiquities to discuss a communication received by government agencies and was found a completely fake cemetery, and all the statues inside of gypsum and alloys made of gypsum and painted of gold water, and make sure that all the contents of that cemetery is not archaeological at all.

Waziri added that he «entered the fake cemetery, in which thieves imitated the shape of ancient Egyptian tombs and found on their walls drawings that have nothing to do with Egyptian civilization in any way».

Egyptian archaeological sources said that «the cemetery is a room at the bottom of a mountain and leads to it 3 fake catacombs and that it was prepared to bring traders and smugglers of antiquities to sell its contents to them».

The Egyptian authorities ordered the execution of all artifacts and the removal of the tomb, while they have not yet been able to arrest the makers of the fake tomb.


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