The video has accumulated more than 1.5 million views as the result is impressive. At the beginning of the month, David Guetta published on his Twitter account an excerpt of one of his recent concerts during which he managed to make Eminem sing... without the latter having made any recording. How is this possible? Thanks to artificial intelligence, explains Le Journal du Geek.

When you discover the video, you could almost believe that rapper Eminem really partnered with the famous French DJ. However, no collaboration between the two artists exists. David Guetta simply used two artificial intelligences to reproduce the voice of the interpreter of Lose Yourself or Mockingbird. One allowed him to write a sentence in the style of Eminem, the other simply recreated his voice. "I played the recording, and people went crazy," the DJ commented.

Let me introduce you to... Emin-AI-em 👀

— David Guetta (@davidguetta) February 3, 2023

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What about copyright?

This initiative delighted the spectators of the concert but it still appeals. Even if David Guetta has stated that he does not want to market this unreleased excerpt, the question of copyright and the consent of the artist arises. According to the laws governing copyright, it is indeed forbidden to use a reproduction or a representation even partial of a work without the agreement of the creator or the rights holders.

Clear rules, but which do not necessarily apply to artificial intelligences because the creations they generate are not works of the artist, but works in the style of the artist. This means that the works created are not necessarily governed by copyright.


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