• The distributor ESC has made a specialty of a radical gore cinema with "The Sadness", "Terrifier 2" or this new "Project Wolf Hunting".
  • This film goes even further in the genre by confronting detainees and police officers on a boat where a violent creature is wandering.
  • This type of cinematic experience has a loyal, knowledgeable and respectful audience.

But where will they stop? After The Sadness and Terrifier 2, ESC continues its exploration of the gore that stains and hurts with Kim Yeon-Sun's Wolf Hunting Project, a South Korean film discovered at the Gérardmer Festival that would almost pass these two previous films for bluettes for kindergartens. Detainees and police officers on an ocean liner journey between the Philippines and Seoul will kill each other with cheerful enthusiasm against a backdrop of military experiences.

"Seeing this type of film in theaters is a real cinema experience," Victor Lamoussière, head of cinema distribution at ESC, told 20 Minutes. We were called crazy when we released The Sadness but the audience came! 50,000 admissions for The Sadness and 70,000 for Terrifier 2 are great successes for such violent horror films.

A varied and respectful audience

"The audience is varied," insists Victor Lamoissière. This ranges from "old people" in love with gore to young couples looking for thrills to kids who try to eat to get in while movies are forbidden to under-16s. There are even women while it is sometimes thought that this genre only attracts a male audience. What all these spectators have in common: "They are respectful and do not put the boxon in the room even when the action is in full swing".

Generous and radical

There is no shortage of action in Project Wolf Hunting when the prisoners, their guardians and a creature as bloodthirsty as it is indestructible take the gigantic boat as their playground. It bumps, it squirts, it crushes and it pisses the blood! If the director does not always have a sense of ellipse (he mixes genres a little, which causes drops in pace), he knows the codes of horror that hurts. "Project Wolf Hunting is an intense and generous film," says Victor Lamoussière. The people who go to see it know what they expect from it: gore and a radical point of view and that's what they'll get. »

Project Wolf Hunting proves that Korean and "gorissime" is not a pleonasm. This festival of brutal beatings and killings combines the two to the delight of fans of visceral horror.


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