Nissan had made the bet on electric very early, with the Leaf sedan in 2010. It had met with great success in Europe, in a market almost non-existent at the time. The year 2022 saw the arrival of its first 100% electric SUV: the Ariya, which will have its first full year of marketing in 2023. The offensive continues, Nissan now announces that its SUVs will be renewed in a new electric generation from 2025.

Solid state batteries in 2028

The Juke, Qashqai, and X-Trail as we know them today will continue their thermal and hybrid careers until that date. Guillaume Cartier, president of Nissan Europe confirmed the arrival of the electric Juke in 2025, followed by its two big brothers in 2026 and 2027. All three will use lithium-ion batteries, until 2028, when Nissan plans to market its first electric model equipped with a solid state battery. Enough to increase the range, and accelerate the charging speed for the Nissan of the future.


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