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Shot by a citizen, Chase Doak

The Chinese spy balloon in the skies of Montana - VIDEO

Images of the Chinese spy balloon alarming the Pentagon, taken by a private citizen in Billings, Montana


A Chinese balloon bristling with electronic eyes and ears, flying over the United States: a spy story reminiscent of the times of the Cold War.

The video was shot in Billings, Montana, by a private individual named Chase Doak: while filming, Doak comments on the images, saying he does not know what the object he is shooting is - but he is sure that it is not the moon, visible in the sky a short distance away. Reuters released these images with the caveat that it could not confirm that the object taken is really the Chinese spy balloon that the Pentagon is talking about.

The U.S. Department of Defense said the balloon had been observed for a couple of days since it entered U.S. airspace. He was flying at high altitudes and was flying over Montana, where the United States has some of its nuclear bases. As a precaution, flights from Logan Airport in Billings were suspended last Wednesday.