The Paris 2024 Olympic Games continue to take place. After the announcement at the beginning of the week of the 185 kilometers of lanes reserved for people accredited by the organizing committee of the games, our colleagues from Le Parisien unveil, this Thursday, the installation of radars that will be dedicated to the control of these "Olympic" queues.

These five radars will be added to the eighteen already present on the 35 kilometers of the Paris ring road, but their specific mission will be to control these "Olympic" queues. Capable of reading number plates and counting the number of passengers per vehicle, their function will not be to punish speeding, but unaccredited vehicles that use these lanes between 6 a.m. and midnight. Offenders will incur a fine of 135 euros.

Installed before the end of March

These new control boxes will be installed "by the end of March" by the road equipment company Fareco-Fayat, winner of the call for tenders launched by the City of Paris in 2021, but will only be put into service for the duration of the Olympic and Paralympic events, from July 1 to September 15, 2024.

The lanes reserved for accredited vehicles will cover the northern three-quarters of the Paris ring road (from Porte de Sèvres to Porte de Bercy) as well as part of the A 1, A 4, A 12, A 13 and N 104 motorways in both directions of traffic. They should use the left lanes of these sections of traffic and be marked with variable message signs.

A test during the Rugby World Cup

To ensure their proper functioning, a full-scale test will take place during the Rugby World Cup in September and October 2023, without real sanctions, but for educational purposes to indicate to motorists that they are in a reserved lane.

Paris City Hall has already indicated its intention to transform these lanes into carpooling lanes after the Olympic Games.


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