Ramadan series leaves her home

Dr.. Parwin Habib

02 April 2024

There is no one left in our house who watches series during Ramadan evenings except my mother. As for us, we all watch them through digital platforms at times we choose, which may be after the end of the Ramadan season, and many times we watch them on the screens of our smartphones. I go back to before this digital revolution that changed our lives, and I see our family, like most Gulf families, and even Arab families, watching before the call to prayer a religious talk like the hadiths of Sheikh Ali Tantawi that day, and we break our fast to the sound of light programs like a hidden camera or the “Think and Win” program or the two Emirati programs.” Freej” and “Cartoon Popularity”, after it moved to Dubai. After breakfast, the family will inevitably gather to watch the Bahraini series “Al-Ayawid,” for example, which they will watch eagerly until the end of the month. If anyone misses an episode, there will always be family or friends who volunteer to narrate it to him.

But now the picture is completely different. As soon as the breakfast session ends, the children withdraw to their rooms and turn to their mobile phones. TikTok and Instagram are an alternative to what television offers. While the sons and daughters of my generation who were raised on Ramadan series did not abandon their habits, but rather changed their form, they will not sit down to watch a series whose parts are interrupted by advertisements, where at the height of dramatic suspense you are surprised by a dancing chicken advertising “Maggie” cubes, and this interruption continues at an annoying pace if the series Well, they prefer to devote themselves to their work or to a session in the Ramadan tents. As for the series that they want to watch, the platforms take care of presenting it to them wherever they want and whenever they want without bombarding them with advertisements. Rather, they can watch series in bulk instead of waiting daily, as there are those who watch five and six episodes in one sitting. one.

I may not be far from the truth if I say that digital platforms do not only threaten television in terms of viewership, but will threaten in the future its presence as a device in our homes. With a quick glance at our children’s rooms, we find that they are devoid of televisions. What they want to watch is taken care of by “iPhones and iPads.” So what? The need, then, is for a device that dictates where and when to sit, while you have in your hands a device the size of a palm “in which the larger world is folded.”

The mood of the times no longer accepts a Ramadan series that the director stretches and inflates with the “Botox” of chatty dialogues, in order to reach 30 episodes that TV gives us night after night, in exchange for a shorter, faster, and available alternative provided by digital platforms whenever we want.. Will Ramadan series on TV become like... Crossword puzzles in newspapers that can only be solved by those who are bored?