Al-Hamriya organizes a lecture on the importance of community work

Al Hamriyah District Council organized an awareness lecture entitled “Write Your Community Message,” in cooperation with the General Department of Community Police at the Sharjah Police General Headquarters.

The lecture was given by Rashid Mohammed Al-Humaidi, in the presence of Saif Obaid Bouvier Al-Shamsi, Chairman of the Al-Hamriyah District Council, Humaid Khalaf Al Ali, Vice-Chairman of the Council, and Humaid Fayez Al-Shamsi, Vice-Chairman of the Municipal Council of the Region. The lecture was moderated by Dr. Sultan Fayez Al-Shamsi, Member of the Hamriyah Region Council, in addition to a large presence of people. Region.

The lecture discussed the importance of community work in supporting the country's economy, promoting social solidarity, and alleviating the burden on governments.

Emphasis was placed on the importance of investing young people’s energies and free time in community work, as young people can be an active element in achieving good and developing society through their participation in various social and volunteer activities and initiatives.

The importance of spreading good values ​​and morals in society was also discussed, as community work contributes to strengthening these values ​​and transmitting them to new generations, which contributes to building an interconnected society that works to enhance tolerance and cooperation among its members.

Al-Humaidi touched on the impact of community work on the individual, as it reduces negativity and enhances stability. The concepts and types of community work, the reasons for doing it, and the positive effects it has, were also discussed, in addition to how to start a community mission.

The lecture also discussed how to start a community mission, as the lecturer stressed the importance of a small and gradual beginning in this field, as an individual can begin by participating in small community activities and events in his immediate surroundings, such as participating in humanitarian and sports initiatives campaigns, or volunteering in local charitable events.