With the participation of Jason Derulo and Emirati musician “Arqam”

“Spirit of the Earth”.. Dubai hosts the first environmentally friendly music festival

International artist Jason Derulo participates in the festival. From the source

The Coca-Cola Arena will host, next May 4, in Dubai, the EarthSoul Festival, the leading environmentally friendly music and arts festival in the region, which comes in line with the United Arab Emirates’ declaration of 2024 as the Year of Sustainability.

The Earth Spirit Festival is full of an exciting lineup of performances within its one-day edition, headlined by the world-famous artist Jason Derulo, and the talented artist, who is distinguished by his energy-packed performances, will present a collection of his greatest hits.

In addition to Derulo's participation, the festival edition also includes a list of prominent artists who will take the concert experience to new heights, including the famous Emirati soul artist Arqam, the Pakistani star Shay Gill, famous for the song “Basori”, and the rising star Celine de Matahari, who will mock Their artistic talents to promote environmental awareness, and provide a meaningful concert.

Arqam expressed his happiness at participating, saying: “I am honored to represent the UAE in the first environmentally friendly music festival in Dubai. We are eagerly looking forward to providing an unforgettable experience in this celebration that combines awareness of the importance of preserving the environment and the beauty of music.”

The festival's focus extends beyond entertainment, to include addressing pressing environmental issues, emphasizing the importance of preserving the marine environment and commitment to sustainability. Through their performances, the artists will raise awareness of critical environmental challenges, and inspire individuals to take practical action for a greener planet. With a shared commitment to environmental leadership, the “Spirit of the Earth” festival is a platform for artists and audiences to work together to support efforts to achieve a sustainable future, as it is an experience whose goals are not only limited to entertainment, but also to inspire others to achieve the desired positive change.

Before the start of the event, a panel discussion will be held on preserving the planet, with the participation of an elite group of thought leaders and ambassadors for change. The public can discover the opportunity to participate in influential activities such as beach clean-up campaigns, through purposeful partnerships with relevant organizations, in an effort to reach a cleaner and greener future for all.

Art takes center stage during the event, through the holding of a university art competition, under the slogan “Oceans of Change,” which contributes to supporting the message of sustainability. The competition provides a platform for students from prestigious universities and design schools in the United Arab Emirates to compete and display their creativity through artistic installations made from ocean waste and recycled materials, providing an experience that captivates the senses and serves as educational tools that inspire everyone to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

This event is dedicated to achieving a deep and tangible impact, and making a real difference in our communities and beyond, by offsetting our carbon footprint by planting mangroves and other trees, and restoring marine ecosystems. By attending the festival, the public can effectively support this initiative, by knowing that a portion of the proceeds from tickets sold will be allocated to protecting our environment and greening our planet.

. A panel discussion on preserving the planet with the participation of an elite group of thought leaders and ambassadors for change.