“Gooder” brings back the stories of One Thousand and One Nights

Lebanese Nour appears as the evil fairy in the series. From the source

Within a framework of imagination and fantasy, the events of the series “Jawdar” take place, which is shown in the month of Ramadan, and through the tales of Scheherazade by King Shahrayar, the viewers of the work follow the story of Jowder, son of Omar Al-Masry, whose life becomes complicated, and he comes into conflict with the enemy (Shamun), where he falls upon... He has the task of solving a great mystery by reaching the four treasures of the sage (Shamardal).

The series stars Yasser Galal, Nour Al-Lebanese, Yasmine Rais, Tara Emad, Amr Abdel Jalil, Wafa Amer, written by Anwar Abdel Mughith, and directed by Islam Khairy.

The events of the series reach their climax with a scene of the character of Shawahi, the evil fairy played by the Lebanese Nour, who is trying for the second time to control Joder, in an epic battle between her and Saadoun and his followers, within the events of the work taken from the tales of One Thousand and One Nights, and shown on the watch it platform and the ONTv channels. . Accompanied by her winged dragon, Shawahi arrives at the deck of Saadoun the Fisherman’s ship, which is the ship that carries Joder on his journey to trade and search for his livelihood. When Shawahi lands on the ship, a violent and fiery battle breaks out between her and the ship’s crew, where Shawahi uses her supernatural powers in an attempt to burn the ship. And control of Godar. Despite Shawahi's strength and agility, Jouder succeeds in escaping from her grip, which raises questions about his fate and future in the face of this evil fairy.