Days of celebration in Rome and days of thefts from tourists

. The intensification of checks carried out by the Carabinieri of the Rome Group in predominantly crowded areas, in agreement with the Public Prosecutor's Office of Rome, led to the arrest

of 16 people

- including

eight women -

seriously suspected of the crime of theft


"The Carabinieri of the Rome San Lorenzo station in Lucina - explains the note - arrested two South American citizens - he, a 49-year-old Chilean and she, a 39-year-old Cuban - were arrested immediately after having

robbed the mobile phone of an 82-year-old tourist

who was having lunch in a restaurant.

The Carabinieri of the Operational Unit of the Compagnia Roma San Pietro arrested three other South American citizens - a Peruvian and a couple of Cubans - surprised in Piazza Risorgimento while, after having surrounded a tourist sitting on a wall, they removed his smartphone from



pocket .

The Carabinieri of the Rome Viale Eritrea station, on the B line of the metro, at the Termini stop, arrested a 22-year-old woman of French nationality, without a fixed address, after having taken

possession of a wallet from a German tourist

. A few hours later, still at the same stop, they arrested a 23-year-old Peruvian citizen, already known to the police, stopped red-handed by the police in an

attempt to remove a wallet from the bag of a Slovakian passenger

. A 25-year-old Italian woman was arrested by the Carabinieri of the Rome Parioli station, caught at the Termini stop while

she was trying to take possession of the wallet of an Australian tourist


On the A subway line, however - the note continues - the Carabinieri of the Viale Libia station arrested a man and a woman of Chilean nationality, both 66 years old, blocked by the Carabinieri in an attempt to

remove a wallet from the bag of a Bolivian passenger

. At the Barberini stop, the Carabinieri of the Rome Piazza Bologna station arrested a 31-year-old Chilean citizen with a criminal record, who was blocked after having

taken a smartphone from the bag of a

compatriot passenger, while, at the Termini stop, the Carabinieri of the Rome Salaria station they arrested a 34-year-old Italian woman, caught immediately after

having taken possession of a Russian tourist's wallet

. Also at the Termini stop, the Carabinieri of the Rome Vittorio Veneto station red-handedly arrested two Chilean citizens with a history of no fixed abode, arrested immediately after having

removed a wallet from a Japanese tourist

. The Carabinieri of Nucleo Scalo Termini, in separate operations, arrested two women, aged 40 and 41, with criminal records, after

having stolen some cosmetics worth over 350 euros from a perfumery

, from which they had removed the anti-shoplifting plates to evade the supervisory controls".

"All the victims of the theft committed have filed a regular complaint and the arrests have all been validated. It should be noted that the proceedings are in the preliminary investigation phase - concludes the note - therefore the suspects are to be considered innocent until a final sentence".