The family of the

Italian girl

, urgently repatriated from Phuket,


, due to a complex pathology, wanted to thank all the staff of the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

"for the support received" . The little girl had been urgently hospitalized after the outward journey due to a problem which, in light of the delicate clinical picture, required a quick and less invasive possible transfer to Italy without changing planes, return guaranteed by an Air Force

flight military

. This was announced by the Farnesina, which received a message from the grandfather.  

The little girl returned today with a direct flight from Thailand on a state plane and with the medical assistance of the Bambino Gesù hospital. The air force aircraft landed at Ciampino Airport and the little girl was immediately admitted to hospital . The head of the Farnesina, Antonio Tajani, also spoke about the entire operation to 'Quarta Repubblica'. An example - he said - of the government's commitment to Italians abroad. The repatriation operation had become necessary following a delicate emergency operation which stabilized the child's condition, but required a safe return.  

"I am happy that she has returned home", commented Minister Tajani, "and I take this opportunity to send her my best wishes". The deputy prime minister also thanked the Air Force personnel who managed the return of his compatriot, the officials of the Farnesina and the Diplomatic Headquarters for the work carried out, underlining the "constant commitment of the Italian Government to the protection of our compatriots in the world".

I fell ill on the outbound flight to Thailand, 2 weeks ago

The little girl had felt ill about 2 weeks ago while she was flying with her family to Thailand. As soon as they landed, the little girl was taken to hospital where she was diagnosed with a complex pathology, requiring surgery. Her family moved immediately to try to do everything to urgently bring her back to Italy but initially there would have been bureaucratic impediments to transporting her on a scheduled flight.