With the aim of raising awareness about it and encouraging treatment

Ramadan series open the “thorny file”...mental illnesses on screens

  • Mayan Al-Sayed plays the character “Madi” in “Empire M”. About the artist's account

  • “A Point That Ends,” starring Abed Fahd, revolves around a pharmacist who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Archive


This year's Ramadan drama is witnessing a trend of a number of works to shed light on various social and humanitarian topics, some of which are thorny and silent about, including addressing some psychological and neurological diseases that afflict a person, affect his interaction with the society around him, and cause many problems for him and those around him. With the aim of educating society about these diseases, how to deal with them, and the importance of treating them early before they get worse, and to confirm that psychological and neurological treatment is not a stigma that needs to be hidden.

The series “Empire M” shed light on bipolar disorder, through the character “Maddy”, played by the young artist Mayan Al-Sayed, who suffers from this disease, and it clearly affects her relationship with those around her, as this disease causes some mood swings. Between mania, hypomania, and depression.

Manic and hypomanic episodes include three or more of the following symptoms: optimism, increased activity and energy, an exaggerated sense of self-confidence, decreased need for sleep, unusual talkativeness, racing thoughts, and distraction. As for depressive episodes, feelings of sadness or despair increase, loss of interest, and loss of enjoyment in most activities.

Lubna is suffering

The disease itself was dealt with in the series “Thresholds of Joy,” which witnessed the return of the artist Yahya Al-Fakharani to drama after a hiatus, as Lubna (played by the artist Safaa Al-Toukhi) suffers from bipolar disorder, and this is reflected in her dealings with her friends and those around her, especially since she neglects to take treatment. Regularly.

The impact of the disease on a person's behavior and with his family is highlighted when her daughter, who lives abroad, reveals to her that she refuses to visit her country and see her mother so that her children will not be exposed to shock when they see their grandmother suffering from worsening bouts of the disease as a result of her neglect to take treatment.


The series “A Moment of Anger” indicates the seriousness of temper tantrums, and the psychological disturbances and dangerous behavior they can cause, as the heroine of the work, the artist Saba Mubarak, killed her husband after he provoked her with his sharp criticism of her.

While the series “Monk’s Hill,” starring the artist Mohamed Riad, deals with obsessive-compulsive disorder or phobia, how it affects the patient, the stages of the disease, and the importance of treatment until the patient regains his normal condition.

This Ramadan, dramatic works touched on physical ailments, including the series “A Point Has Ended,” starring the artist Abed Fahd. Its events revolve within a detective framework, around a pharmacist who suffers from Parkinson's disease, which affects his nervous system, and strives to hide the traces of his crime that he committed by mistake against his wife's brother, at a time when the latter seeks to discover the circumstances that led to her brother's disappearance. The series “Silat Rahm”, which was shown in the first half of Ramadan, dealt with the thorny issue of surrogacy and abortion, which sparked a state of controversy among the public and followers of social media, through the story of Hossam’s character, whose character is embodied by the artist Iyad Nassar, who seeks to Achieving his wife's dream of having children by renting a woman's womb, and searching for a woman who meets the required specifications.

Urgent decision

The events of the series “Without Warning”, which began airing in the second half of Ramadan, begin when Laila (played by the artist Aisha Bin Ahmed) gives birth in a government hospital, and notices some strange spots on her son Ali’s body, so she goes with her husband, played by the artist Aser. Yassin goes to the doctor for tests, and the results show that the child has leukemia, so the couple decides to make an urgent decision to perform a bone marrow transplant for him.