A freaked out passenger caused the flight to be aborted on board a plane operated by Lufthansa subsidiary Swiss. The pilot decided to return to Newark in the US instead of flying to Zurich as planned, the airline confirmed on Monday.

The passenger became abusive towards crew members shortly after the Airbus plane took off, said a Swiss spokeswoman. A crew member was injured.

The man was reportedly taken away by police when he landed in Newark. The newspaper “Blick” first reported online about the incident on Sunday evening (local time). There were more than 200 passengers on board flight LX19. They were transferred to later machines.

Plane with toilet breakdown

Two days earlier, a United Airlines plane en route from Frankfurt am Main to San Francisco had turned back due to maintenance problems with a toilet.

According to a report by RTL.online, at least one toilet on board the seven-year-old aircraft overflowed. Guests reported that the contents of the toilet tank were pushed up and flowed into the passenger cabin.

The airline confirmed to the German Press Agency on Easter Sunday that flight UA59 would return on Good Friday due to a maintenance problem in a toilet. She did not provide further details.

After staying overnight in a hotel in Frankfurt, the passengers could have flown to San Francisco on another plane the next day. Frankfurt Airport also confirmed that the plane had flown back. The traffic manager said he didn't know the reason for this.