Today, the exhibition hall of the Homs Culture Directorate hosted two hundred and twenty paintings by professional and amateur visual artists in the Fine Art Exhibition Promising Talents 5, which is organized by the Mada Cultural Project in support of youth and their role in cultural life.

In their paintings of various sizes and dimensions, the participants embodied themes full of life in all its manifestations through the female, spring, and nature with its various cosmic emotions, using classical and other techniques that imitate modernity, which added sparkle to the exhibition.

The director of the Mada Cultural Project, Ramez Hussein, explained in an interview with SANA that the exhibition, some of whose products came from the works of the Mada Fine Arts Forum, which was held last week in the open air in Al-Dablan Park, comes as a continuation of the Mada project, which was launched two years ago to support young amateurs, shed light on their artistic experiences, and benefit from their professional predecessors. In conjunction with the establishment of accompanying artistic activities with the participation of gifted children, it constitutes a cultural renaissance in Homs and the rest of the governorates as a whole.

In turn, the person in charge of plastic arts expressed the extent of the plastic artist Farid Wassouf, expressing his optimism about the development witnessed by the exhibition with the participation of eighty-nine professional and amateur artists, young people, children and all ages, in paintings whose color and stylistic techniques varied and were made more beautiful by the innovation that appeared in paintings in which artists relied on walnut ink as an experiment. The amateur Muhammad Iqbal Suleiman or the reed peels in the experience of the professional calligrapher Muhammad Jawish and others.

For his part, the Director of Fine Arts at Mada Fine Artist, Muhammad Al-Ali, pointed out that the goal of holding Mada Fine Arts exhibitions on an ongoing basis is to attract the largest number of amateurs who are passionate about fine art, leading to the establishment of special exhibitions for each category, including children, pointing out that today’s exhibition witnessed participation from Several governorates, such as the participation of the child Loujain Youssef from Aleppo with two oil paintings of still lifes and light projections in the city’s streets.

Plastic artist Mazen Mansour expressed his happiness at the large public attendance witnessed by the exhibition and the plastic renaissance that Homs is experiencing thanks to these exhibitions that herald the development of the plastic movement with its schools, techniques and topics, which began to move towards clear boldness in presenting ideas and methods.

The visual artist, Aya Dhafour, participates with two oil paintings about women and their emotions, Etemad Al-Othman with two paintings, one about the phenomenon of begging and the second about the daisy flower, and the young woman Ruba Suleiman with two paintings, one about horses and what they mean in the race of life, while the two talented young men, Haider Al-Youssef and Murshid Wannous, participate with oil paintings that express the ray of hope.

The exhibition, which lasts for four days, was accompanied by musical hymns performed by the talented young man Suleiman Al-Sobh on the piano.

Hanan Sweid

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