In this situation, an increasing number of local clinics are reducing treatment hours. University hospitals are also reducing outpatient treatment, increasing patient anxiety.

This story was covered by reporter Park Jae-hyeon.


A lawmaker from Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do.

He decided to reduce his clinic hours by one hour, from Monday to Saturday.

[○○ Clinic Director: Our private doctors also participated in the 40-hour-a-week treatment to help and provide strength to the residents. [We will do our best to minimize damage to patients.]

There are some local clinics that are trying to shorten treatment deadlines, but it is understood that there are not many clinics that are willing to shorten treatment right away.

[Kim Seong-geun/Korean Medical Association Emergency Committee Media and Public Relations Committee Chairman: We have no intention of checking the time at the level of the Medical Association or the Medical Association Emergency Committee.]

However, I am concerned that there will be quite a few doctors who will provide shortened treatment on holidays or at night.

[Child's mother: I sometimes go far away to find places that are open on holidays. However, if that disappears, an emergency situation may arise.]

While university hospitals are also reducing outpatient treatment, Chungbuk National University Hospital has decided not to receive outpatient treatment on Fridays.

[Bae Jang-hwan/Professor of Cardiology, Chungbuk National University Hospital: There are so many professors that they cannot guarantee the safety of patients. [There is no choice but to shorten working hours.]

Patients are becoming more anxious as treatment hours are reduced and even treatment may be delayed.

[Patient Guardian: They asked me to postpone the treatment until this Friday. It's my first time. Also, since next week's treatment is important, I'm a bit worried about what to do if it gets postponed... .]

Meanwhile, hospital workers, including nurses working at the teaching hospital where the residents left, called for the immediate return of the residents and for immediate social dialogue to normalize medical treatment.

(Video coverage: Jeil, Hakmo Kim, Dongcheol Kang, Video editing: Jinwon Kim)

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