The medical community made it clear that the President's statement today (the 1st) is no different from what the government has said so far, and that they have no intention of talking while the scale of the increase has been set. Medical school professors held an extraordinary general meeting a while ago and are discussing future response plans.

Reporter Hyun-jeong Lee covered the response from the medical community.


Immediately after the President's statement, Lim Hyun-taek, president-elect of the Medical Association, left only a short statement: "The official position is that we have no position."

Next, the Medical Association's Emergency Committee evaluated that the more expectations were raised, the more disappointing it was.

[Kim Seong-geun/Chairman of the Media and Public Relations Committee of the Korean Medical Association: I watched the announcement with great anticipation, thinking that it would provide a clue to resolving the current legislative standoff. However, no differences were found in the content of the statement from the previous government announcement.]

The emergency committee described the repeated emphasis on increasing the number of medical students by 2,000 as “frustrating” and added to the content of the statement that reiterated the existing government position. He said there was no reason to refute it.

A line was drawn on the proposal to form a social consultative body for medical reform, saying that it was meaningless for several organizations to come together and consult while the number of '2,000' was set.

The National Medical School Professors' Association is holding an online extraordinary general meeting from 7 p.m. to share opinions on the president's statement.

An official from the Korean Medical Association said, “We will discuss how to understand and respond to the president’s intentions.”

In response to the government's request for a unified plan for the medical community, Kim Chang-soo, chairman of the Faculty Council, participated in the emergency committee of the Korean Medical Association and continued to communicate with young doctors, expressing expectations that he would be able to raise a unified voice in the medical community.

Medical students from 40 medical schools across the country said they had nothing to say about the president's statement, and additionally filed a lawsuit to cancel and suspend the government's increase in medical school enrollment and distribution.

(Video reporting: Se-kyung Kim, Video editing: Lee Sang-min)

▶ President Yoon "The medical community will discuss as many times as possible if they bring a reasonable plan"

▶ W welcomes 'room for re-discussion of the scale of increase' vs. Y criticizes 'reaffirmation of non-communication'