▲ Black smoke rising from a factory fire in Seoknam-dong, Incheon

The fire that started in a bag storage warehouse in Incheon and spread to nearby factories was completely extinguished in about 14 hours.

According to the Incheon Fire Department today (2nd), fire authorities completely extinguished the fire that broke out in a bag storage warehouse and nearby factories in Seoknam-dong, Seo-gu the previous afternoon at around 6:35 a.m. today.

It has been 14 hours and 38 minutes since the fire first broke out in the bag storage warehouse at around 3:57 PM the previous day.

The fire burned down 8 buildings, including a warehouse and a nearby auto parts factory, damaging 11 companies, and three company officials, including Mr. A (39), were injured.

Mr. A suffered lacerations to his face and was taken to the university hospital by the 119 ambulance, while the other two injured fell but did not suffer major trauma.

The day before, at the fire site, flames and black smoke rose into the sky, resulting in about 40 reports to the fire department.

Black smoke was visible not only from Incheon Bridge, but also from Guwol-dong, Namdong-gu and Songdo International City, Yeonsu-gu.

Fire authorities issued 'response level 1' at 4:26 p.m., 29 minutes after the fire broke out, and deployed 196 firefighters and 68 pieces of equipment.

The first stage of response is an alert in which all personnel from the jurisdictional fire department are dispatched.

However, as the fire was not easily extinguished, five helicopters from the Korea Forest Service and Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Incheon fire headquarters were also deployed to the fire scene.

It was difficult to extinguish the fire because sandwich panel buildings, which are vulnerable to fire, were densely packed and there were many flammable materials inside.

Fire authorities plan to investigate the cause of the fire and the extent of property damage through an on-site inspection.

A fire department official said, “The factories were close to each other and there were many flammable materials such as plastic inside the building,” and added, “We plan to investigate the cause of the fire.”

(Photo = Provided by Incheon Fire Department, Yonhap News)