A little boy suddenly disappeared on Easter Sunday during a family trip in Saxon Switzerland. The five-year-old was found late in the evening after around nine hours of searching, slightly hypothermic and with injuries. “He was in the forest about 500 meters from the spot where he was last seen,” said a spokesman for the Dresden police department on Easter Monday. Officials and rescue workers traversed the rough, rocky terrain along a popular hiking trail. Where the child was during this time and what he did remained unclear.

The family with two children from nearby Dresden was on the junction path to Amselsee above the well-known health resort of Rathen at lunchtime. “The five-year-old ran ahead on his red balance bike and disappeared from the parents’ field of vision at a hairpin bend,” said the police spokesman. “When they got there, he was gone.” The father and mother searched for almost half an hour and then reported their son missing.

All available police officers, rescue workers from the mountain rescue service and national park rangers, including rescue dogs, roamed the area, which was also flown over with helicopters and drones from the Red Cross (DRK). “The full program.” Up to the water police, who patrolled the Elbe at the end of the valley “in case the boy cycles down”.

Hypothermic and a few scratches

However, the feverish search was made more difficult by the many hikers, walkers and day trippers. The Amselsee and the tour from Rathen are among the popular hiking and excursion destinations in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains east of Dresden. “And with the beautiful weather and the holiday, there were masses of people out and about,” said the police spokesman. Such a small boy could easily be overlooked.

At 10:05 p.m. the saving news came: the child was alive. One of the dogs found the boy in the forest, slightly hypothermic and with scratches. “We are all glad that the matter ended happily,” said the police spokesman.