A driver in his 20s in Jeju was caught by the police after swinging a baseball bat at the driver of another car. The reason for the crime was that the horn was honked from behind.

This is JIBS reporter Kwon Min-ji.


A man takes something out of the trunk of a car.

He immediately swung at the driver who got out of the vehicle behind him.

What this man was swinging was none other than a baseball bat.

When the victim resists, the assault continues.

Nearby citizens were also surprised by the dizzying assault using a bat in broad daylight.

[Witness to the incident: During the argument, I saw him take a baseball bat out of the trunk and swing it, hitting the person. When the baseball bat was raised, everyone (passersby) was surprised. Police cars and ambulances all came... .]

This is the scene where the incident occurred.

Suspect A swung a baseball bat at the other driver several times because the car behind him honked his horn.

At that time, code zero was issued to the police as more than five identical reports were received one after another.

In the end, Mr. A, in his 20s, was arrested by the police as a criminal.

Mr. A is said to have told the police that he was so angry that he could not remember much, and it was discovered that the baseball bat was usually kept in the trunk.

The victim, a man in his 40s, suffered injuries to his arm and was treated at the hospital.

[Cho Man-jin/Chief of Criminal Investigation, Jeju Western Police Station: There was a fight on the road, and since the victim was hit with a baseball bat, we believe the case is important and plan to apply for an arrest warrant.]

The police are charging Mr. A with special assault .

We have booked the case and are investigating the exact motive for the crime.

(Video coverage: Oh Oh-ryeong, JIBS, Screen provided by: Jeju Western Police Station)

JIBS Kwon Min-ji