A famous bank apologizes after sending details of a woman’s expenses to her ex-husband

A woman has received a formal apology from Barclays after the bank sent her ex-husband details of how she spent her money for a week three years after their divorce.

Sarah Derbyshire, 49, said her ex-husband told her he had received notifications on his phone for an entire week about her spending, which surprised him. Derbyshire, from Lancashire, said that when she and her ex-husband separated in 2021, she changed their joint account to one in her name only. But last week, despite none of his details being linked to the account after the divorce, the ex-husband received multiple notifications about her spending and withdrawals.

Derbyshire and her ex-husband separated amicably, but she nonetheless told the BBC she was concerned the mistake could put people who had suffered domestic violence at risk. She said her ex-husband first thought his card had been cloned when he saw a notice about a £20 withdrawal, before realizing it was from the joint account which had been cancelled. She said this was a "gross breach of privacy, security and GDPR and a breach of her ex-husband's privacy as well."

The woman also mentioned that she had heard from other women on X who had the same problem this week. She said she was not in danger, but wondered whether the problem had affected "vulnerable people or victims of domestic violence". She also explained that during her conversations with the bank over several days, Barclays was unable to find out the reason for the error “because my ex-husband is not linked to my account and neither is his phone number.”

She said that because she could not find the reason at the time, the matter was not rectified and her ex was still receiving notices about her spending.

A Barclays spokesman later told the BBC that the problem faced by Mrs. Derbyshire had been resolved.

The bank spokesperson added: "Unfortunately, payment notices were sent in error to a small number of bank accounts. We have investigated and corrected this matter and will contact affected customers to apologise."