A “rotten apartment” for sale...a real advertisement that makes Egyptians laugh

In a unique advertisement for the sale of real estate in Egypt, the owner of the advertisement described the property as “a rotten apartment that will never be replaced again.” Social media pioneers shared the post on Facebook extensively, with the post garnering more than 10,000 “likes,” and nearly From 4 thousand comments.

Last week, one of the accounts shared an advertisement for the sale of an apartment in one of the areas near Salah Salam Street, but what was striking was the way in which he offered the apartment for sale, after he began his post with the phrase “a rotten apartment that will never be replaced again,” so that the site’s visitors interacted with him. With sarcastic comedic comments.

The advertisement mentioned many of the advantages of the apartment and many of its disadvantages as well, which received great ridicule in the comments, and many questions about the truth of the post. It became clear that the advertisement was real after the owner of the post responded, with the address of the apartment, its area, and the selling price offered for it.

Some sarcastic comments on the post were as follows: “The most rotten apartment in Egypt,” “There is no picture more rotten than this that would be a little clearer,” “How much is your eyes, Manil,” “You are honest and strong, my brother,” “There is nothing a little worse than this.” "Why isn't the post a joke? It turned out to be an apartment being sold."

The post aroused visitors' curiosity about the interior appearance of the apartment and its price compared to the defects announced by the post's author.