The court ruled that even if there was a problem with the child's behavior and attitude, if the teacher was unable to control his emotions and acted in a way that threatened the child, 'this goes beyond the level of discipline.'

The Ulsan District Court sentenced Mr. A, a teacher who was brought to trial on charges of violating the Special Act on Child Abuse Crimes, to eight months in prison and two years of probation, and ordered him to be restricted from employment in child-related institutions for two years.

Mr. A, a physical education teacher at an elementary school in Ulsan, stopped B in the school playground in 2022 after seeing him throwing a rock while fighting with another student.

Mr. B said to the teacher who was restraining him, saying, “What should I do?” and Mr. A, who became angry, grabbed Mr. B by the collar and dragged him to the classroom building.

When Mr. B shook off his hand and ran away, Mr. A chased after him, kicked the chair where Mr. B was sitting, and threatened to hit him with his hand.

During the trial, Teacher A claimed that he had never grabbed the collar or kicked the chair and had only acted as a disciplinary action, but the court did not accept it.

The court stated that it took into account the fact that although B was young, he was consistently stating the facts of the damage, and that other students who witnessed the situation were making similar statements.